The Fifth Expedition


  • Tactical Exploration
    Control up to 5 individual characters at once in real time and lead them to their goal.
  • Random Map Generator
    Never see the same map twice, Every area is full of interactive & destructible environments.
  • Challenging Gameplay
    Numerous traps, enemies and dangers have to be overcome in order to survive.
  • Survival
    Decisions and their outcome have lasting consequences with permanent death and persistent injuries for characters.
  • Loads of Items
    Several dozen different items to find and craft, each bringing a new possible solution to problems, each customizable through upgrades.
  • Character Advancement
    Every character has their own unique strengths and weaknesses and can be leveled up and customized.
  • Player Abilities
    Interact directly with the world, your characters or their enemies with your own, powerful abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded.
  • Alternate Play Mode
    Either play a campaign mode with a definitive end, or compete in the leaderboards for how far you can go before you die.